1. so gxxd to be home 


  2. 📼//found footage//📼 (at ⛪️)


  3. Re-visited the past generation’s Compound. Re-building will be easy. Re-enlisting will be more difficult. [[ 📷 | @lando_urb ]]


  4. "Divine Wind" | photo by lando




  7. voicesoftheunsung:

    Late post from the end of last summer.
    CC: EVGD


  8. St. Petra at the alter

    Shot by Lando


  9. R.I.P


  10. 📺American Nightmare📺 here

    Shot by Lando


  11. "Don’t Blink"


  12. The Coven is still strong.

    Shot by Lando.


  13. 1 “City of God” tee left in each size. Cop at least 2 items from the church merch shop & get it free. 

    Original artwork by Rigo Cruz.


  14. Limited size runs still available here


  15. Anonymous asked: what will the next drop consist of?

    a short film and accompanying pieces